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Why to sell with us

Easily set up your shop for free and begins listing your products quickly.

Promote your identity and business through exclusive profile page :shop URL,shop banner, shop logo, and custom messages (alleditable). Have your own collection page, review page and location page. Sell unlimited number of products of all types. Connect with new customers through advertising and public relations.

Unlimited Products

Add unlimited number of products for free, No incurring costs, No extra costs ( no need to be tech savvy, web savvy…) No time no hassles….use our client manager/shop manager. We priorites your profile on our website to gain maximum from advertising. Add your whole inventory through .csv format through our client manager. Adding, editing, hiding andremoving products are all easy and simple Add all types of products, Simple, Configurable, Downloadable and Virtual Set product names, SKUs, weight, quantity in stocks, multiple images, colour and sizes from dropdown. Get organised listings, unique descriptions showcasing your homepage. Add grouped and bundled products (coming shortly) Manage online inventory easily with our client manager

Client managers:

Dedicated client Manager Manage shop and inventory easily with our client manager with minimum extra cost. Integrate your personal website’s inventory with minimum extra cost. Discuss your needs and features with client manager. Avail graphic designers for showcasing your products quality images and shop banners. Avail customer support team working for you with some extra cost.

Order & Customer Management:

Easily access your orders, edit customer profiles, print packing slips and export order data for mailing labels or to import into other third party software. Features: Get automatic order details instantly Create shipment of the order Add carrier details and Tracking numbers Create an invoice Print the order Cancelling the order Create Credit Memo Send email to customer regarding notification

Own Dashboard and Account management:

Keep an eye on revenue generation weekly, monthly,yearly and for the current date. Vendor payout and remaining balance Control Profile page, collection page, review page and location page. View most recent order details, input tracking number and print invoice. Latest comment and review

Secure Payment

When you are ready to take the business with us, you need a highly reliable , fast and secure payment administration. We bring you a world class, highly secure payment gateway ‘’ CommWeb and Paypal to streamline the process Enjoy fast and reliable payments Highly safe and secure transaction. Streamline your administration Seamless customer experience

How safe is it?

CommWeb keeps your customers’ card data secure with 128-bit encryption, CVV2 checking and, if you request it, 3D Secure, so they can shop with confidence. How easy to manage the fund? managing your payments— with tailored reporting, online refunds and easy integration with your own accounts systems CommWeb is a fast and reliable payments acceptance service for your online shop, offering world-class security and infrastructure, and streamlined payments administration.

Get instant notification by email

Order details notification Payment notification Low inventory notification

Our Commitment:

Great priority to sellers on our website Dedicated client manager to work your needs and expectation. No time no hassles….use our dedicated client manager/shop manager. We priorites your profile on our website to gain maximum from advertising

Control Customer Feedback and Review System:

Enjoy integrated star rating customer feedback and review system with your shop profile and products. Manage feedback rating.

Social Media integration:

Great way to reach your customer through your own social media field.Promote your shop with your own social media profile. Link your facebook, and twitter to your shop and products on our website.

Inventory Control:

Online inventory is easily managed and updated including custom message and alert to you when inventory may be running low on any products.

eBay connectors

Easily integrate your products inventory from eBay to your shop on our website (free for limited time)

Coming Soon

SMS integration (Optional)

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